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Plum sauce which is also known as Duck Sauce is made from sweet plums and having an orange colour, it is very similar to sweet and sour sauce but it is fruitier. Why is it also known as Duck Sauce?? Don’t make it wrong, there is no duck in the sauce!! It is called Duck Sauce because the 1st version of it was served with Roasted Peking Duck in China, a dish which has been served there for more than hundreds of years. In Britain and United States, it is referring to as “Orange gravy” or “Orange sauce”.

It is commonly use as a finishing sauce for roasted duck, chicken, seafood and many others. You may use it as a stir-fry sauce as well, for example to make the sweet and sour sauce, with adding this plum sauce, the taste will be better comparing with the ordinary style.

Slice some shallots, bunga kantan, chilli padi mixing with the plum sauce, some sugar and lime juice and top it on any deep-fried food, it is extremely delicious!!!

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